Infinet Design

By the middle of my second year PhD, I realised that money was a big problem. I could barely live on the amount of the grant I received so I took a course to learn how to design websites. I applied for and received a loan from the Prince's Trust to buy a computer and effectively set up a business - Infinet Design.

It was 1998 and not many businesses in Northern Ireland had yet gone online. I started off designing a couple of small websites and was soon picked up by Morrows Communications who brought me in to design one of their clients sites as well as their own.

Within 2 years I was busy enough to employ a marketing assistant, a web developer as well as a database developer. My boyfriend at the time was a design student and did all the designs which were highly original and stylised.

One of the largest projects I developed was the aNSwer website - a North South Website of Environmental Research. The client was in fact a partnership between the Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland Government Environmental departments.

By 2003 however, I realised that I missed my family and that life in Belfast had changed for me. So I decided to head back to London.

I did continue managing client websites for a time but decided not to take on more clients while I look for full time employment.

In 2003 I started working for the Jewish Music Institute to gain some experience in the music business. Having run a business I had lots of useful skills including marketing and PR, financial management, and of course managing websites.

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