Freelance Event Manager

I am currently available as a Freelance Event Manager, Coordinator or Consultant.

Organising events can be a hassle and a headache and it can feel like nothing ever goes smoothly. As your Event Manager or Coordinator, my aim is to help you make the most memorable event possible, and take away all the pain out of organising it. I can even make the whole process a lot of fun!

I can help with any kind of event, from corporate business lunches and dinners where you want to impress your clients, Arts and Music Events, to weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah's, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries - you name it, I can help.

I will take care of all the logistics, planning and delivery. With my background in Events Management I can also help steer you through the myriad of decisions and choices that you will face: which caterer? what kind of food? which venue? inside or outside? what music? how many guests? what flowers or decoration? I will look at all the options and present you with an exciting selection for you to choose from.

As a tireless creative, I will come up with some novel ideas to make your event stand out in your guests memories for months or even years to come.


Most importantly, I will also ensure that you do not go over-budget!

You may be in the middle of organising your own event but are not sure you have remembered everything, or are worried about some of the details. I would be happy to give you advice and consultancy to either reassure you or put you on the right track.

Does this all sound too good to be true?

Well I hope not, but if you are in any doubt, I can certainly put you in touch with some references (Contact me).

If you want some help with your next event, do get in contact using the contact page of this website, and I will get back to you right away.


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