Tai Chi

I have long wanted to try Tai Chi. I started in 2008 at a popular school in West Hampstead under the tuteledge of Brett and his team of trainee teachers.

There are many levels to Tai Chi. You can go each week and just learn the moves and get a relaxing, hypnotic workout. Or you can get into it as a way of life. On this level it can be challenging and ultimately very rewarding.

There are warmup excercises which stretch and loosen your joints and body. Then there are Qi Gong - (pronounced Chigong) a series of meditative excercises which focus the mind and body and teach you how to use your imagination to chanel the power / energy (qi) in your body.

The trainee teachers also teach you all the different positions and stances which feel a bit odd at first, but have lots of benefits. My back has never felt better than when I am doing Tai Chi!

You also learn the forms - the series of consecutive movements you see the millions of Chinese people doing every morning in parks around the world. Its like learning choreography; every step and arm movement has to be precisely executed.


When you have been doing Tai Chi for a while you can get to do all sorts of advanced techniques including swords.

I definitely recommend trying out Tai Chi if you have any minor physical ailments or find strenuous excercise a problem. Tai Chi is a good all-round workout with added benefits of gaining greater control of your body and harnessing your energy.

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